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    Working Process:
    When the backwash function of the heat exchanger unit is not turned on, the 4-way diverter valve is located in the ordinary water flow working position, electric 3-way valve closes the filter bypass, at this time the water flow of the secondary side of the plate heat exchanger is in the ordinary direction.When the backwash function of the heat exchanger unit is turned on, the 4-way diverter valve is located at the exchanged
    working position. The electric 3-way valve opens the filter bypass and closes the main road. At this time, the water flow of the plate heat exchanger is reversed, and the impurities in the heat exchanger are flushed by the reversed water flow to the filter bypass.After filtering, the impurities sink in the filter, and finally the impurities are removed by washing the filter.The cleaning function is implemented by a fully automatic control system, and the cleaning time can be based on the actual situation of the customer.The situation is adjusted, convenient and fast, and can achieve unattended and remote control.
  • What makes the heat-transfer efficiency of condenser falling down?
    FOULING:There are lots of water-soluble substances such as Ca(HCO3)2 and Mg(HCO3)2, which easy to subside on the surface of heat-exchanger,then turning into fouling.Meanwhile,the microorganisms,including algae,bacteria and fungus are suitable to live in this temperiture and PH value of cooling water,this leading to mass of impurities increacing fast in the water,in the end,fouling appearing easily.
    SLUDGE:Mass of dust,microorganisms,soluble salt substanses and corrosive gas in the air will be dragged-into the cooling water,leading to impurities add up in the water,beyond that ,the evaporation of water also leads to the concentration of impurity goes up,in the end,sludge appears.
    ALGAE MICROORGANISMS:The temperiture of water in cooling tower is between 32-37℃,the environment is suitible for mocroorganisms’breeding .Algae,bacteria and fungus breed fast ,they produce mass of mucus,which can combine with insoluble substances and attach to the inner surface of equipment and tube,it will prevent water flow and heat-transfer.
  • Effect of fouling thickness on heat transfer efficiency
    The heat-transfer efficiency of condenser is falling down when the thickness of fouling is going up.
  • Manual mechanical cleaning
    The disadvantages of manual mechanical cleaning:
    1、It should be shut down when cleaning;
    2、Labor cost is high and the mechanical tools will damage the copper pipes partly;
    3、The inner metal structural parts are eroded easily when opening the cover of condenser.
  • Chemical additive cleaning
    The disadvantages of chemical additive cleaning:
    1、It’s corrosive to the metal parts,hamful to condenser、shorten the lifetime of central air-conditioning system;
    2、Low efficiency when cleaning, the fouling can’t be cleaned thoroughly, and It’s hard to recover up to the efficiency as before;
    3、Normally it should be shut down when cleaning, and this process will change the operating parameter;
    4、The chemical liquid is harmful to the environment.