• Schematic
    Working Process:
    When the backwash function of the heat exchanger unit is not turned on, the 4-way diverter valve is located in the ordinary water flow working position, electric 3-way valve closes the filter bypass, at this time the water flow of the secondary side of the plate heat exchanger is in the ordinary direction.When the backwash function of the heat exchanger unit is turned on, the 4-way diverter valve is located at the exchanged
    working position. The electric 3-way valve opens the filter bypass and closes the main road. At this time, the water flow of the plate heat exchanger is reversed, and the impurities in the heat exchanger are flushed by the reversed water flow to the filter bypass.After filtering, the impurities sink in the filter, and finally the impurities are removed by washing the filter.The cleaning function is implemented by a fully automatic control system, and the cleaning time can be based on the actual situation of the customer.The situation is adjusted, convenient and fast, and can achieve unattended and remote control.
  • Plate heat exchanger
    Plate heat exchanger:
    As a widely used heat exchange equipment, the plate heat exchanger unit has the advantages of compact size and high heat transfer efficiency;the intelligent self-cleaning heat exchange unit of RECHI uses international famous brand plate heat exchangers.
  • 4-way diverter valve
    Technical points:
    1. The seal of “T” shape head and special-shaped rubber strip combination is applied, the sealing performance is better,and the maintenance is more convenient;
    2, the unique shaft and spool connection assembly method, than the traditional pin connection, the screw connection and the spline connection are more neutral;
    3. Adopting the adjustment mode of the double screw axial clearance, the adjustment is flexible and will not loosen;
    4. The hard limit and position finding mechanism of the arc groove are adopted in the sealing valve, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient.
  • Control System
    RECHI intelligent control system has the following advantages:
    1. Multiple protection functions: The system has over-torque protection, the valve is abnormally self-protecting, and has a function switch that opens and closes in place to prevent the operation from exceeding the limit position;
    2, 24-hour control: You can freely set up eight time slots every day, and clean it regularly;
    3. Interlocking with the air conditioner host: The system can automatically clean the system under the condition of stopping or low load to ensure the safe operation of the air conditioning system;
    4, the operating data can be archived: historical alarms and operational data can record the query, and retain the archive;
    5. There is an alarm switch: after the system has an abnormality, the alarm dry contact signal will be output;
    6, wireless control function: can use wireless remote terminal for online monitoring and control.